ESAM Tax Services

Tax Planning and Preparation to meet the financial goals of Individuals, Families and Businesses

You work hard for your income, and ESAM will work hard to help you take full advantage of legal tax deductions, credits and tax incentives to maximize that income.

We offer individuals and families a full range of tax services to manage the tax process, ensure federal, state and local compliance, and achieve long-term financial goals.  The ESAM tax team is experienced and knowledgeable in the complex tax codes, tax regulations, and ongoing changes in tax law required to be effective in tax management.

We are your partner in financial affairs, and integrate your tax strategies with your financial goals and retirement planning. Tax decisions on SEP contributions, IRAs, Roth IRA’s, depreciation and other deductions have both immediate impact on tax liability, and long term impact on retirement funding.  ESAM has the expertise to help you determine the best overall tax strategies.

ESAM Tax Services

Tax Planning

  • Tax Planning is a year round activity.  ESAM integrates tax planning with your financial goals to focus on maximizing income and building wealth for the future.
  • Going beyond tax compliance, we proactively recommend tax saving strategies to legally reduce tax liabilities to maximize after-tax income.

Tax Preparation

  • ESAM accurately and efficiently prepares and files  the appropriate Federal, State and local tax returns for Families, Individuals, and Businesses
  • We track preparation of forms, signatures, filings, and required attachments & documentation

Tax Issues

  • Have you received notification of an IRS tax audit?  Owe Back Taxes?  Made Errors in Filing?
  • ESAM will help you resolve your tax problems with effective, affordable and discreet advice.

Tax Services we provide:

  • Federal & State Tax preparation
  • E-Filings
  • Tax Planning
  • Year round support
  • Tax prep organizational tools
  • Estimated Tax calculator
  • Tax Refund & payment plan options
  • Payroll withholding analysis
    • Federal, State & 401(k) contribution
  • Comprehensive Tax Return Review & Analysis

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*Tax services are offered solely through ESAM and are not offered through Cetera Financial Specialists LLC or its representatives.