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A Trusted Advisor for All of Life’s Stages 

Do you wonder…With up to 30 years of retirement… Do I have enough?

  • How much can I spend each year?  How long will my money last?

401k’s, 403b’s, 457 Deferred Comp, IRA’s, Rollovers, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds?? …

  • Managing your investments and planning a secure retirement can keep you up at night – how do you know what is right?

A Financial Advisor for Your Family

ESAM has a family-focused approach to financial management and retirement planning that helps you plan for your future.  We partner with our clients in making investment decisions to pursue goals and work toward building wealth for you and your family’s future.

Plan for your future & focus on strategies to help build & preserve wealth, mitigate taxes, and to provide for you and your family.  We offer individuals and families a full range of financial advisory services to  help work toward their short-term goals and their long-term financial independence.

The ESAM Build, Protect & Generate approach:

  • While working and growing your family, you need to Build a nest egg for the future.
  • In the years leading into retirement, you need to Protect your assets and plan access to retirement funding.
  • During retirement you need to Generate income while preserving assets and planning for wealth transfer.

And we know from experience, it is never too late to start. Talk to us about your retirement needs

Changing Jobs – Retiring Early?

What to do with your 401k, 401b, or 457 Deferred Comp Plan?

ESAM can provide the experience to bring all your assets under one umbrella, and ensure all rollovers are properly executed, without penalties.  If you began your relationship with ESAM through an employer-sponsored retirement plan, we will continue to serve as your financial advisor after you change jobs.

Unbiased Guidance – Whether you want to discuss 401k rollovers, learn the options available for your 401k, or discuss how to set and pursue your retirement goals, the ESAM investment team will provide you the information and guidance you need.

Contact Joe to discuss your plan options.

What significant life event are you facing? Let’s discuss how you can prepare.

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ESAM Services

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  • Multi-generational Wealth Management
  • College planning
  • Estate planning
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